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Marlene George's clients come from all walks of life and consist of people from various ethnic and religious backgrounds and of all ages. Marlene acts as a personal coach to her clients, encouraging them to learn to use the univsersal Law of Attraction to achieve complete wellness, happy relationships, financial security, business success and manifest their dreams and wants to live a complete and fulfilling life. The Universal Law of Attraction is the basis of all of Marlene's teachings.




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"I was quite pleased and touched when Marlene offered to come and speak to my Introductory Psychology students. Not only did I know that the students would be thrilled to have a guest speaker (a rest from me!), but I also knew that Marlene would have an important and special message for them that they were meant to hear.

Despite my delight in Marlene coming, on the day of her visit, I was a bit nervous as I was unsure as to how the students would respond to her teachings. Even though I myself am confident about the nature of Marlene's gifts, one is never sure when it comes to a group of first-year undergraduate students who, still in their teens, are contending with a variety of pressures in their lives while simultaneously busy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! However, much to my relief, during Marlene's presentation, I scanned the room and took note that the students were listening attentively and that, during the meditation exercise, almost all of them actively participated.

The following week during my next class with the students, I asked them what they thought about Marlene's visit. One student raised her hand and said, "It was the best presentation I've ever seen in my life." A second student also raised her hand and added, "Her presentation came at the perfect time. I was having such a bad day that day, and she totally helped me to relax and put my problems in perspective, to show me that I am in charge of them."

A few weeks after Marlene's presentation, a third student told me that I should invite Marlene to all of my classes to speak. Since my students are very wise and it is they who teach me, I am going to do heed this sage advice and do exactly that: invite Marlene every semester to come and speak to the students. Despite outward appearances of laughter, youthful enthusiasm and supposed partying, our students today struggle with a number of issues, including anxiety, depression, self-doubt, addictions, eating disorders and self-cutting as well as family responsibilities, financial debt and concerns about future job security. And so, if Marlene is willing to come and share her rich knowledge and experience, then the University of Guelph-Humber and its students are lucky indeed. "

- Sonja Embree, PhD
Assistant Program Head Psychology
University of Guelph-Humber