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True testimonials taken from real clients

"I was quite pleased and touched when Marlene offered to come and speak to my Introductory Psychology students. Not only did I know that the students would be thrilled to have a guest speaker (a rest from me!), but I also knew that Marlene would have an important and special message for them that they were meant to hear.

Despite my delight in Marlene coming, on the day of her visit, I was a bit nervous as I was unsure as to how the students would respond to her teachings. Even though I myself am confident about the nature of Marlene's gifts, one is never sure when it comes to a group of first-year undergraduate students who, still in their teens, are contending with a variety of pressures in their lives while simultaneously busy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! However, much to my relief, during Marlene's presentation, I scanned the room and took note that the students were listening attentively and that, during the meditation exercise, almost all of them actively participated.

The following week during my next class with the students, I asked them what they thought about Marlene's visit. One student raised her hand and said, "It was the best presentation I've ever seen in my life." A second student also raised her hand and added, "Her presentation came at the perfect time. I was having such a bad day that day, and she totally helped me to relax and put my problems in perspective, to show me that I am in charge of them."

A few weeks after Marlene's presentation, a third student told me that I should invite Marlene to all of my classes to speak. Since my students are very wise and it is they who teach me, I am going to do heed this sage advice and do exactly that: invite Marlene every semester to come and speak to the students. Despite outward appearances of laughter, youthful enthusiasm and supposed partying, our students today struggle with a number of issues, including anxiety, depression, self-doubt, addictions, eating disorders and self-cutting as well as family responsibilities, financial debt and concerns about future job security. And so, if Marlene is willing to come and share her rich knowledge and experience, then the University of Guelph-Humber and its students are lucky indeed. "

- Sonja Embree, PhD
Assistant Program Head Psychology
University of Guelph-Humber


"After the breathing I felt peaceful the the first time in a long, long time. I felt refreshed energized and clear minded the next few days after the class. I also like that I am in charge of my process. Truly powerful yet gentle. "

- P.J.


"When Marlene, the holistic healer, came to speak to us about making a better life for ourself it was beneficial for me. I had recently been having troubles with maintaining positivity in myself and her experience/stories provided me with some clarity. When she conducted the meditation I felt at ease after it was done. I had positive feelings and felt as if nothing could break that at the time. I now have a way of releasing negative feelings if they occur! "

- University Student


"Thank you Marlene for offering such a wonderful venue for people to connect and share ideas and resources to build our business.While this is the main objective of our meet-up group, we are also looking deeper to see what may be blocking us from reaching our potential. I find being around like minded, positive people enriching and helpful and would recommend others to come and bring their experience to your meet-up group. "

- Catherine Brearton


"She helped me realize that positive thinking is very important and also very powerful. After hearing her speak, I understand and believe more than ever the saying, 'Anything is possible if you just believe! "

- University Student


"I wanted to thank you for giving Leigh this wonderful Reiki treatment on you special bed-table. Things do happen for a reason, and as much as it must have been disappointing to have the gathering cancel without notice, for Leigh it was a gift!!!. She explained to me in detail how she felt on your table, (like she was young again, home with me curled up in my water bed). She said she felt like Leigh again safe and secure during the treatment and a few hours after. While driving home, she turned off her music and stayed in the present with herself feeling ever so light and wonderful. Once home she sneaked in to keep the moment within herself, ate and eventually went to bed and had a very sound sleep. She may have thought she was asleep, but she remembered every one of your touches and how it was so welcoming, filled with the light of love. This was precisely what she needed and a fabulous introductory into the world of Reiki. I feel this opened a door for her and she is looking forward to the group discussion Fear and Anxiety next week. "

- Pennie.


"Since i have had the pleasure of taking part of Marlene's classes my life has changed in many positive ways. Marlene has been a absoloute angel that has taught me new skills, tools and how to think only about what i want . Life has changed for me and yes I still have bad days now and again, and come across difficult people, but the difference now is that i can effectively take positive action to deal with these situations, and if im unsure or feeling uneasy i know that the support is just around corner. Thank You Marlene for helping me remember not just all the wondrful things i forgot about myself, life but about others as well! "

- Geelena


"The meditation and lecture that Marlene conducted in class, really changed the way I experience myself. I am the type of person who becomes very stressed and anxious when faced with any stressful situation, and it always happens to be the same type of situation I become anxious over. She helped me realize that the issue for this was because of something that had happened in my past and that the way to overcome this is to start relaxing with my thoughts and make a conscious effort to keep calm and be prepared to confront and change any problems I may have. "

- University Student


"Hi, Marlene It was good to talk with you last night at the WWE Dinner.   I put your CD on last night to listen to it and it must be very soothing as it helped me to fall asleep very quickly - that, by the way, is a good thing!     I am heading out to do a workshop this afternoon and will take the opportunity to listen to your CD (while I'm awake!)"

- P.L.


"I would like to thank you [Marlene] for the excellent workshop you held recently. Your guidance and expertise gave me the courage to really let go and be totally part of the energy that was in the room. Although we were only a small group we worked well together, and I was quite exhausted the following day! I am honoured knowing you. Each workshop I do with you enables me to peel off a little more of my old ways, to get to the shiny bright core that you can see in me. Thank you again, Marlene."

- Cheron Long-Landes


“I learned to trust. I felt a refreshing child-like innocence. The energy of everyone working together in the workshop, brought everything together for me.”

- Margaret Persaud.


“The Discover Your Inner Healer workshop allowed me to understand where some of my feelings of self worth started, to confront them and understand them. I had a dramatic shift in awareness and was able to hug my inner child and treat myself with love and respect.”

- Joan Norderman


“Marlene has the ability to get to the root of the problem”

- Jean MacNellie

"For those of you struggling to let go of some “stuff,” “baggage” or old painful issues, I am writing to let you know that the Learn To Move Forward session coming up on October 15th and October 16th with Marlene George is a real winner. I have attended a couple of them, and as the months and years tick by I am aware that the learning that I gleaned at this particular session, has been deep and healing and helpful. I want to share with people about the stuff that has worked. We must must must get on with this business of living — and this session will bring you closer to yourself. Closer to joy."

- Collette


"I would like to thank you for the wonderful healing/manifesting class I attended and making my dreams come true. We just got back from a months vacation after visiting Italy and other places. I had put this down on my vision board when I attending your class, and many other things. I am so excited to tell you that almost all the things I had on the board have come true… thank you Marlene for your inspiration, your knowledge and wisdom! "

- Love, Nina C.


“Feelings of being frustrated, panic-struck and going nowhere have turned around.”

- Donna Bigonizi


“I have new understanding of why I am where I am in my life and I look forward daily to where I am going.”

- Allan Hassoun


“Powerful…finally I feel peace and happiness.”

- S Foster


“This workshop has helped me to move forward and it provided me with the tools and strategies that I needed to do so in each moment of my day! It is never too late to make the best out of life. Each day is a gift and I am joyful to be alive.”

- Diana Candido


“For me that weekend was remarkable for a couple of reasons:

1. I had to recognize my unusual interest in hanging on to my hurt. It seemed that I was the only one of a group of about 15 or so that really wanted to hang on to my stuff. This annoyed me but made me realize that maybe this was unnecessary.
2. I was profoundly amazed at how beautiful everyone looked the second day. We had all shared so much and “seen” each other that everyone actually looked brighter and lighter to me the second day. As if the lenses in my glasses had been improved.”

- Love, Colette Le Fort


"I would like to take some time to tell you how cleansing and empowering your 'Workshop' was for me over the last 2 days.....I am so happy I took the gift of attending and doing this work for myself..... It is now time for me and I will continue to do the daily affirmations, exercises and games as you suggested.........I already have my "Creative Box" and will prepare my vision in the box tomorrow ........ I will spend....spend...spend in my vision like I can afford it....

I cannot thank you enough for caring so much about me to invite me to open myself to the possibility of my new journey creating a self loving life with the knowledge that it all begins with me... "



"Marlene has helped me through difficult family struggles that were overtaking me. Her direction and clarity brought me courage and hope. After working with her for a few years, Marlene lives inside me now as a skilled and assuring voice, a force that is continuing to guide me gently but assuredly in the direction of a life that is full and true. Her strength has brought me to my own. She is one of my great teachers. I know now that whenever I need to feel her strength, I only need to look within (or pick up the phone)."

Telephone Coaching Client


"Hi Marlene, I just wanted to send a note to you to say thank you for holding our monthly networking meetings. I always looked forward to them to speak to the other ladies and get great ideas."

Christine Chipman




Business Testimonials

"On behalf of The Women's Centre, please accept our sincere thanks for facilitating the Forgiveness Workshop on January 19, 2013. We received excellent feedback from the women in the program who felt empowered. Women in the group indicated the following:

  • "Thoughtfully and empathetically done"
  • "Excellent guidance and refreshing"

Thank you for the generosity of your time and energy to educate women about some of the methods learned. Please accept my personal thank you for your support and for sharing your talents and expertise. You have contributed greatly to our organization and we are truly grateful to you.

We are dedicated to helping women through times of crisis, distress and transition. We continue to celebrate our vision of "women supporting women" and thank you again for your time and support. "

Melvina Walter
Executive Director

"Volunteers are at the Heart of our palliative care services. Every year we say thank you for the wonderful work they do, and offer them a Healing Day for their self-care. This particular year we had the absolute pleasure of Marlene George joining us with her talk on `Forgiveness`. And what a fitting topic to present at a Hospice Volunteer Healing Day! Marlene`s delivery of the subject matter was very clear and heartfelt. She has an ability to engage a group and hold their attention with ease and grace. It is evident that her wealth
of experience and knowledge has brought her to a place where she can help others find healing and peace. My only wish is to have her back again next year! Thank you again Marlene for the wonderful delivery of a soulful presentation."

Rami Shami
Heart House Hospice

"Marlene, thank you VERY much for a wonderful presentation that really resonated with the volunteers. I very much appreciate the time you took to tailor the talk towards their needs and speak their language. Several of the volunteers came up to me afterward appreciative of having someone speak to them on a subject that was relevant and very helpful. Thank you again Marlene. And I very much apologize for the trouble in reaching the destination. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you would like a testimonial, or anything at all, just let me know. Look forward to speaking to you again in the near future! "

Rami Shami
Heart House Hospice

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Marlene speak to our group and feel she contributed to a much needed break for our clients with her calmness and clarity."

Susan T.
Operations Manager


"I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to present your “Nine Principles for Joyous Living” to our group. We all enjoyed ourselves so very much, and everyone remarked on how much more relaxed they felt at the end of the session. You have certainly given us all something to think about as we do our best to stay happy. An indication of how pertinent the subject is can be seen in the number of books that were purchased at the end of the session! Thank you again for sharing your experiences and your expertise with us in
such a positive way. "

Kind regards,

Heather C.
Office Manager XL Insurance Company Limited


"Thank you again for being a part of our pd day on Dec. 6th. I received a lot of positive feedback from staff about how much they enjoyed your presentation. They felt relaxed, and began looking at things in a more positive way."

Helen B.,
RECE Lead Child Care Teacher
Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre

" Marlene George came to Kingsmere Retirement Living on September 23rd, 2010. She did a presentation on the “9 Principles of Joyful Living for seniors”.  My residents and
I were quite taken by her and her speech.  She spoke so clearly and motivated I as well as the 15 residents we had attend her presentation.  I never thought about how talking
to yourself could be so beneficial to your health and lifestyle. My experience with this presentation will stay with me and I hope I can help other people the same way Marlene
helped myself and my residents. Thank you Marlene for taking the time to come and speak at Kingsmere, we hope you can come back in the future and speak again. "

Thank You - Tina J.

"I had a hands on experience to see Marlene's expertise in uplifting human spirits through her empathy and words of wisdom. She addressed a group of 15 unemployed people who were in dire-straits (including me), and made an impression on each of them and made us feel that it's not over yet.

She is highly professional, very presentable and understanding. If you want an inspirational speaker, a talented Life Coach ...Marlene is the right person to go for."

All the best


"Thanks for all your help and support Marlene in the past and now. I feel like you're a mentor to me in so many ways - spiritually, emotionally, from a business perspective as one who is successfully living her dream, as a female friend , as a woman, as wife and on and on. So glad I've been guided to connect with you again. "

Sylvia M.
Business and Life Coach Client.


We thank you for providing the Forgiveness Workshop,which as quoted from our client feedback was "an uplifting experience" and is much appreciated.

Melvina Walter, Executive Director, The Women's Centre Oakville Ont